Dec. 13th, 2010

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 So as you all know I drive a school bus and I love my job. But at this moment I really want to quit but I won't cause I am tougher then that.  

There is a student on my bus who is just plain trouble, he bullies the other kids, doesn't listen to me, and never stays in his seat.  So on Thursday I had enough and wrote him up (which means I write a letter about his behavior and it goes to the principal).  But before I could do that he ran home to Mommy and complained that I am a mean bus driver, making up lies about me.  And the icing on the cake if that wasn't enough the Mother, who doesn't believe her son is evil, went to the police wanting to file charges against me! For terrorizing her "innocent" son. 

Lucky for me the principal knows how bad this kid is and sided with me, along with me bosses. So chargers were never filed but I still can't believe the nerve of this mother. Her "innocent" son tells other students he hopes they die but I am a bad guy for trying to discipline her son, which she should be doing.

I need a vacation:( 
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If you read my last post, I am having a not so great day. This made me feel better. Enjoy!

WARNING! Wincest!


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