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So the lovely cha has a discussion going on her livejournal page about why you support one brother over the other. This video perfectly describes why I am a Dean girl. Its all about the tragic hero, who does everything in his power to help and never gets anything in return. Not even a thank you.

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These two videos are so bloody brilliant it is ridiculous!

Dean's POV

Sam's POV

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Jensen and Clif in Rome. Photo by Asia_04, on fanpop.

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See, they can look happy together:)

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So I am a school bus driver and every school year we have "bus safety meetings". They are kind of pointless but I get paid to sit there and have some guy tell me what I already now. Well, I was quite surprised when we started watching this video on bus safety and Alan Ackles was the narrator! I couldn't believe that Jensen's father Alan was telling me how to drive my school bus. Kind of made my day:)
And if Jensen ages as well as his father, then Jensen will be gorgeous forever.

And just found this vid on YouTube and I had to share. Its made by anaapenas. *Warning curse words*

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Maybe there is something in the water? Or maybe their mother's took "make my children hot" prenatal vitamins? Have you ever noticed that all the men/actors from Texas are freaking gorgeous? And not only are they beautiful but they have manners. Have you ever seen them interviewed? They are usually very polite and courteous. I mean think about it. What the hell is it about men from Texas?

Example #1: Jensen Ackles

Example #2: Mark Salling

Example #3: Jared Padalecki

Example #4: Christian Kane

*throws hands in air* I give up. Its not fair. Guys from Philly ain't this attractive. Thats it, I am moving to Texas.
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So I posted some pics of Jensen last night and ellyk29 wanted to see more. So here you go. Enjoy!

Him and Clif playing soldiers

At his buddy's wedding. (don't know who the little girl is)

I recognize Jensen and Jason Manns but I don't know the other guys.

Golfing Jensen
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Jensen was very, very busy during hiatus.

He practiced some gun shooting. Is it weird that this only makes him hotter?

Was a groomsman in his buddy's wedding

Went golfing (he is the one in the red shirt)

He was very busy and not a Sasquatch in sight.
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Found this photo on my hard drive and thought I would share.
Hope the pretty makes your day brighter.

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Saw this photo on facebook and just had to share. I never knew Paris was so tiny aka short, must be all those tall heels she usually wears. Or is it that Jared and Jensen are just huge? Anyway, here is the photo of J2 with Paris Hilton. Comment away:)

And let me just say I didn't think she did a bad job, not a great job but not a bad job either.


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