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So the lovely cha has a discussion going on her livejournal page about why you support one brother over the other. This video perfectly describes why I am a Dean girl. Its all about the tragic hero, who does everything in his power to help and never gets anything in return. Not even a thank you.

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 Face it CW, TVD sucks ass and no one watches it. Re-airing it friday night won't make more people watch it. You do realize that SPN has the biggest fan base of any of your shows and we can find you? Basically, RUN!
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These two videos are so bloody brilliant it is ridiculous!

Dean's POV

Sam's POV

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If you read my last post, I am having a not so great day. This made me feel better. Enjoy!

WARNING! Wincest!

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 Is it just me or is anyone else starting to notice similarities with Supernatural and BtVS? And I know there have always been similarities between the two but it seems more so this season.  Even Sam is starting to remind me of a certain British vampire we all know and love. Maybe its the no soul or yes soul stuff.  Just a thought.
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Does it make me a Sam hater if I cheered at the end?

SPN 6.01

Sep. 25th, 2010 01:09 pm
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my thoughts ) 

Its gonna be an interesting season, bring on the monsters:)

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So I am gonna be away from livejournal for a while, I am going to the New Jersey SPN con. This is my second con but my best friend's first (she is a con virgin) and it is gonna be so very awesome.
If you want up to the minute info, you can follow me on twitter here:
When I get back I will have lots of fun stories and great pictures.

PS: if my flist would be so kind, keep me up to date on any good stories I miss while I am gone.
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Ya'll have probably seen this but I had to post it. They look like they are having so much fun.

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 I don't usually write episode reviews but it was the 100th episode, so I had to.

*spoilers ahead* )
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So there is a Supernatural Convention in Parsippany, New Jersey (which is like an hour drive from my house) in July 2010. Also there is only two actors (The Ghostfacers) coming so far because it is to early. My husband thinks I am crazy but I bought my tickets already. Its like 8 months away and I already bought my tickets. I am not crazy, I swear.
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Last nights episode was very sad, we all know this. Samantha Ferris should get an award for her performance, you could feel the emotion. Alona Tal did a get job as well. I am sad to see them go but at least their death meant something and it was a warrior's death.
I have decided to call Bobby the General in this war against Lucifer. He doesn't actually fight anymore (he can't) but he has the brains and the boys look to him for leadership. Hence the General.
Don't get me started on Dean and Sam.....its like they switched personalities last night. *scratches head*
And Cas is just, well Cas.
Best part about last nights episode, two words...Mark him.
And why the hell do I have to wait till January 21st to watch a new episode? What I am gonna watch on thursday night? Can someone please tell me?
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The episode last night, is why I love Supernatural. And its the only show to poke fun at itself and its fandom, and get away with it. I was laughing so hard, my husband thought I was nuts. And then they put those little emotional parts. Did I mention I love this show? I do.
And Dean can call me sweetheart and have my back ANYDAY.
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This episode, is the reason that I love Supernatural. "Changing Channels" was in my opinion the best episode so far this season. It had humor but just enough drama, and it continued the storyline. Plus, Richard was amazing as usual. I love his portrayal of the Trickster. So I also loved his portrayal of Gabriel. He is an amazingly talented actor and a great guy.  My favorite part was when Sam was KITT. I have always loved Knight Rider and would love to have a car like KITT.  I would love it even more if it was Jared's voice that talks to me.
I don't know if anyone knows anything about the archangels, but Gabriel was portrayed as the loving angel while Michael was the fighter. The patron saint of Women and Children; the Messenger of God, Gabriel was the "kind" one. So it made sense to me that if there was a fight in Heaven, Gabriel would have been upset by the violence and he would have ran. To me it shows that Kripke does his research. Just another reason to love this show.
*keeps fingers crossed* Hopefully Gabriel will grow a pair and help the boys and Cas fight the good fight.
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Its Thursday, I love Thursdays and ya'll know why. So on behalf of it being my favorite day of the week, I am posting my favorite Daley videos from the Tube. The first two are from gaby0189 and the last is from uschigmbh18.

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I am in a video posting mood. This is one of my favorite AU crossovers on YouTube. Its Dark Angel meets Supernatural. It is an amazing video by akksgurl. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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Okay, last night's episode was purely epic.  It started off with my favorite Skynard song of all time, "Simple Man" and then JP was SHIRTLESS.  Made my night.  Lets not forget Dean taking Cas to a brothel.  Did you see the look on Cas' face, priceless.  Cas made the epic win by calling Raphael his "little bitch" and Dean agreed.  But my favorite part was when the other hunters tried to make Sam drink the demon blood and Sam stood up and spit it back in their faces.  Score one point for Team Sam!

The writers seem to be loving Dean and Cas together and I have to say Jensen and Misha do work well together.  But Supernatural is about Dean & Sam, and the I can't wait for the boys to get back together.  *keeps fingers crossed*  Don't let us down Kripke, don't let us down.


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