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Caught my cat chasing her tail today.

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So the lovely cha has a discussion going on her livejournal page about why you support one brother over the other. This video perfectly describes why I am a Dean girl. Its all about the tragic hero, who does everything in his power to help and never gets anything in return. Not even a thank you.

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Graphic novels make great movies!!

Superheroes too!!!!

PS: Check out the body on Thor!!
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These two videos are so bloody brilliant it is ridiculous!

Dean's POV

Sam's POV

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If you read my last post, I am having a not so great day. This made me feel better. Enjoy!

WARNING! Wincest!

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I so wish I was there. This has rocked my socks.

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After the most recent episodes, my heart was a little broken. This video made it feel a whole lot better. Listen to the song in the background, it fits Dean. Can be seen as wincest or not.

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My mother does a school bus safety program for the local elementary students. She is the green monster puppet and the lady in the big green hat later. Now you know where I get my craziness and awesomeness from:)

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This was on my facebook page and everyone loved it, so I am posting it here.
My husband works for North Penn School District and for the convocation this year, they got the teachers to dance to "Thriller". Enjoy!

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these two shows aren't that far behind:) Enjoy!

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This just made me so happy:)

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall......

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My cat Boo, has learned how to fetch. She is a "special" kitty.

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So if you are not familiar with the Philadelphia area, our baseball team is called the Phillies and our mascot is the Phanatic. He is an interesting character. Watch the video and see what I mean.

He does this kind of stuff all the time.
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The wonderfully amazing herebutnotremembered has made a new Sam/Dean video.
Its awesome, take a look.

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I saw this video on youtube and it just made my night. Its made by the wonderful wolfpup2000.

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So I was going through all the videos I have saved to my YouTube page and I found this old Ronon Dex video. It made me realize how much I miss Ronon. If you have no idea what I am talking about, Ronon is a character on Stargate Atlantis. He is a badass warrior guy and he doesn't talk much but his fists get his point across. It also helps that Jason Momoa is built like a freaking Mack truck. Feel free to watch the video if you want.

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So I have said before that I thought herebutnotremembered is one of the best vidders on YouTube, well she is vidding again. Here is her latest. Enjoy!

Synopsis: Sam is worried Dean will leave, Dean is fed up with Sam not trusting him.

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So I have recently become a fan of "The Boondock Saints". I love those boys, they should be in every city. And if you don't know what I am talking about, I will tell you. The movie is basically a story about twin brothers Connor and Murphy. They become vigilantes and kill all the bad scum in their city of Boston.
Now being the Supernatural fan that I am, I automatically connected the Saints with the Winchester brothers. But I am not the only one, the very talented hopeonarope made a video about the two sets of brothers. Enjoy!
And if you haven't seen the movie, rent it, like NOW.


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