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 Face it CW, TVD sucks ass and no one watches it. Re-airing it friday night won't make more people watch it. You do realize that SPN has the biggest fan base of any of your shows and we can find you? Basically, RUN!
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 So take the age you will turn this year, I'll be 27. Now add it to the last two numbers of your birth year, mine is 84. What does it add up too? 111

My mom will be 54 and her birth year is 57, it adds up to 111. My niece is gonna be 4, she was born in 07.  She adds up to 11.  My sis is gonna

be 31 and she was born in 80, adds up to 111.  

Everyone I have tried this with adds up to 111 or 11 if they are younger.  And it is the year 2011, freaky right?
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So has anyone ever read this series:

If you haven't you should. The more I read it the more I can see a Sam/Dean story in it. Just check it out, she's a woman with supernatural powers who travels the country with her step brother/lover. If that doesn't scream Sam/Dean I don't know what does.
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 Is it just me or is anyone else starting to notice similarities with Supernatural and BtVS? And I know there have always been similarities between the two but it seems more so this season.  Even Sam is starting to remind me of a certain British vampire we all know and love. Maybe its the no soul or yes soul stuff.  Just a thought.
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When I have children, I want to be a mother like this woman. If you haven't read this story you have too, its about a mother who stands beside her son no matter what.
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Does it make me a Sam hater if I cheered at the end?


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